Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My son's socks

Since I 've ever knitted socks before, I never try two circular working two socks at the same time.This way is so fresh to me.I'd like to try it!!

Learning this way by Straight-Laced socks,I didn't follow the pattern that did look complex for me,a beginner.Instead,I work with 1x1 ribbing for leg and foot, stockinette sts for the sole of the foot.That was easier for me.

After knitting several rows,it was not as what I thought originally.This way had to use two skeins with two needles knitting two socks at the same time.The biggest obstacle was I always had to keep two strands in order, otherwise,they would be a terrible mess.Moreover,it was so confusing to grab need#1 or needle#2;I often grabeded wrong needle.....These all made me slow down knitting speed,and spent me more time.So I might not use this way next time...

I managed to knit this socks for my daughter in the beginning,but they were too small for her after she tried on them(that was my fault....didn't measure her foot first).So my son could have them.They fitted his samll feet .

The color was designed to be opposite with each other,but I forgot to switch the color of toe.So they seemed not like a two different pairs of socks only just finised one of each ....

Monday, January 29, 2007

Socks for my mother-in-law

My mother-in-law wears socks in winter so I knit this pair of socks for her. For elders, simple pattern would be suitable for them.So I knitted picot edge(learn it from block dog knits) for upper edge,seed stitchs for middle part,and stockinette stitchs for foot and toe .In the beginning, even reading picto edge for many times,I still could't figure out how to knit it.Appreciating Nora's help(Black dog Knits),finally,I made it.My mother-in-law liked them and said they were so gorgeous.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Kureopatora's Snake Scarf

Someday , I was as usual browsing my knitting friend,Celia's blog, then accidently linking to w_design's blog , and found this Kureopatora's Snake Scarf.It caught my eyes immediately .W_design knitted this scarf with the gray yarn matching the pattern so well ,so I just couldn't movie my eyes from it and decieded to knit this unique scarf.

Thankfully,w_design shared the pattern, so I could easily got and knit it. The scarf was really like a snake .I was wondering if I chose a color close to snake, would it look a real snake around my neck?Terrible~I don't want that at all!!

So I picked this red yarns, it won't look so much like snake.This pattern was easy only includ Kf&b, ssk, and 1x1 rib.It casted on 30 sts and each row should keep 30 sts on both needles.But I didn't notice that the first stitch of each repeat I knitted was worng ,so finally the sts were getting less and less.When I sensed something wrong, it only had 23 sts left on both needles.In other words, I had to re-knit it........ almost done then....

This scrf was made from opposite trumpet shape.It was very interesting knitting it,just hardly stoping.Finally, I had re-knitted it and done it. It was really gorgeous and unique!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lace Socks in Camelia

This is the first time. I try to knit socks. While getting my sock yarns,Just can't wait to knit them.I like this Lace Socks in Camelia very much,when the first time I saw it on web.

The sock yarns I bought was suitable for 3.3mm (US#4)needles and are cotton(98.3% cotton 1.7%elastic).For knitting lace socks, I think fingering weight yarns might be better.This sock yarns seemed good for sport socks, men's socks and kids' socks...... just not match my lace socks.... Next time,I surely will buy fingering weight sock yarns for myself.

The sock yarns store recommanded two balls for making a pair of socks so for each color,I bought two.But after finishing this pair of socks,it was only used up one ball and a little bit of another one.I doubt if my feet is too small or westerner's feet are bigger.I am the kind of person ,who like to test new things.It is hardly for me to knit the same yarns or patterns again. So what am I gonna do for the left one......?

I suddenly came up an idea how about to knit garment with these sock yarns.....It is a new idea to try nex time!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sock Yarns Coming!!

In Taiwan, less people knit socks, so it hardly buy sock yarns here.Instead,westerner like to knit socks.The more I saw them knitting gorgerous socks, the more I would like to try knitting them.

So I spent lots of time searching good sock yarns on online yarn stores. Fianlly, I found this one Simply Socks Yarn Company, and ordered my lovely socks yarn. was so colorful...I Love THEM!!

It was estimated for 4~6 weeks shipping toTaiwan,but just five days, I got them. How surprised and excitedI was!! I never saw sock yarns before,so can't wait to open this box and desire to see what's inside....

Because not familiar with sock yarns, I chose buying cotton yarns (98.3% Cotton 1.7% Elastic) and tried this red one first.It felt thicker than the socks we usually bought.

I was wondering how it will be to knit garments with these yarns....

Saturday, January 06, 2007


I knitted this top-down raglan cardigan for my daughter.It was the Dec Project #14 of TKA. I am a member of TKA, that is a Chinese Knitting group. This patter was easier than the previos raglan cardigan I'd knitted.This garment looks bigger from the pic but ,not really, it is small only about 13" width and 15" length.I worried it might be too samll for my daughter next year coz it was just fit now.

I prefer to let my daughter wearing this garment in spring and fall so I combined cotton yarn and mohaire to knit body partion and other yarn for collar and wrist ,which won't be too wram in spring and fall.

As it was not a hard pattern,I finised it only for one week .My daughter likes it very much especially the collar and wrist.It might be that I used mohair so it touched so soft and tender and made people want to wear it!!

Branching Out Lace Scarf

I've had a Chinese knitting blog for long time .But I desire to join English Knitting clubs,so I need to have an English blog for more people to visit and know me.My English is not good enough but I will try my best writing it .

This Branching Out Lace Scarf is the latest work I've finished.I found this pattern in Knitty.When seeing it at the first time, I was impressed by its gorgeous style and decided to knit it for my daughter 's teacher immediately.Though I am used to reading Japanese pattern,I try hard to read English pattern this time and finally I made it. Branching Out was done and beautiful.