Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pink Pullover

This FO is my NAC knitting project, also my homework. Its key learning point is the crochet edge in V neckline, sleeves and bottom. I had to crochet the V-neckline first and measure its gauge for sleeves and bottom edge, then after finishing body knitting part ,just picking up stitches from the pieces and crochet the edge pattern.
As for the body knitting part, the pattern was changed by me. I just didn't like the original pattern and my knitting teacher said I could find other one that I liked. So I find the pattern and modified the eyelets a bit far from each other as you can see now.If not, it would be too many eyelets and people could see "through" me.

This is the first FO since I changed a new knitting teacher. This new teacher emphasizes on small details that are easily neglected by students. And that really matches my thought. knitting or crocheting are not hard for most knitters but the small parts,such as how to sew sleeves neatly, how to shape armhole, neckline beautifully and how to measure gauge precisely are the real skill. That is what I want to learn from a teacher. Luckily, I've found a teacher, who is really the one I've longed for. I truly believe she has much that I could learn from.



Blogger Rina said...

BEAUTIFUL! Crochet edge and knitting is a recipe to beautiful garments.

4:31 AM  

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