Friday, December 11, 2009


Crochet Vest

Before I never though a vest could be my type , including knitting and crochet style, not long ago I saw this crochet vest sample in my knitting teacher's house and tried on it. Well, it looked not bad on me and the pattern looked easy to work with so then I decide to give it a try.

The vest sample that my knitting teacher owned is deep purple colour but she suggested me to try this multicolored yarn.I like this yarn more than the sample one's.

This patten looked easy and it is also easy to work with.I totally spent 5 days to finish it. If not I still have other projects on hands, it would be done less than 5 days.

I used the same yarn, just different color and have the same gauge that the pattern called for. However, mine came out smaller than the sample one. d,could be I changed my gauge when crocheting.After I wore it several times, it became a bit loose ,though still smaller than the sample one, but it fit me better.