Thursday, March 29, 2007

[ISE#4]Halfway Done

I've gotten 20 repeats done today,and it is almost half way of the lengh.I only use up one skein,still having another one to work with.This pattern is not difficult. In the beginning,due to not familiar with the pattern ,I dropped some stitches;however, after several repeats,I
can catch the tricks and notice.So everything is smooth now and my speed goes fairly quick. If I keep this rhythm,the scarf might be finished within two weeks ,which will make me wait long time sending it to my pal.So I decide to slow down and knit my father's vest more.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

[ISE#4] Decided to Change the Yarn

Though still not hearing from my "downstream"pal,I can't wait to knit her with my favorite yan and pattern.But things are not always what they seem.Beautiful yarn doesn't always match gorgeous pattern well. As you see,the hand -panited variegated colors interfere with the lace pattern.I just don't like the outcome.

It seems I must change either the yarn or the pattern now.How pity~. I wish they both could be suitable.After whole night thinking and frustrated,finally I decieded to substitute a new yarn for the variegated one.Really a hard decision for me.

My pal likes blue and purple colors so next day I went to LYS looking for her favorite colors.This one in the shelf caught my eyes immediately.It is bule but solid .Blending with light green, different color spots spread,and sky blue makes it look not so simplex.So my subsititute yarn is it!

After several rows,I was just very happy with how it came out.Obviously,it looks better than the previous one.Great,will keep going!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

[ISE#4] My Exchange Pals

After long time waiting,finally I received match letter from International Scarf Exchange 4 on March 20.How excited!! Can't wait to see my exchange pal's questionnarie.She lives in USA.Luckil,her favorites just match the project in my mind.Things seem easier now.

I bought this Artyarns supermerino8 SM127 last year for knitting vest for my daughter.Ten skeins will have discount so I bought ten but just used up two skeins , still 8 skein in my stash.This time I plan to knit the scarf with this yarn.As for pattern,I've been eyeballing Brooke's Column of Leaves Scarf for long time.Hope the pattern and yarn can be a good matching!!

The person gonna knit for me named Knittymommy.She is so nice.The day not long after receiving ISE4 pal assignment,I got her letter.She is such a kind and thoughtful person asking more details about my favorite colors.Thank her for the consideration.I really hope she feels free to knit for me and the scarf she knits for me will be very appreciated.

It seems to have a happy start now.Look forward to experiencing a fun and interesting future!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

International Scarf Exchange4

This is my first time to join International Scarf Exchange4.I knew this activity since the 3rd exchange(ISE3) last year,but worried about I might not finish the scarf for my secrect pal before the deadline so I just gave it up.This year ISE4 starts again.Since reading many people's article about how much fun they had from this activity,this time without thinking too much,I decided to join them and wanna experience how fun it is.

Joining ISE4 is very easy.You just need to fill out the questionnarie and send it to hostess.Hostess will send you an invition to sign in ISE4 blog and then you have to post at least 3 times progress on it.If not,hostess will write to you checking your progress.It starts from Mar.15. to May.31 and you must let your pal receive your scarf in the end of Jan.If someone break the rules,she should be banned from future exchanges.
Sounds fun,doesn't it? I can't wait to start....