Saturday, September 29, 2007

ISE#5 Fox Eyes Lace Scarf

Since having a nice experience from ISE4, I signed up again for ISE5 .This time the deadline is on Dec.1.,so not much time left for me, a busy career woman and a frazzled mom.

This pattern is from a deep V vest I've been knitting now.When knitting the vest,I start to think how it will come out if knitted to a scarf .I really wanna give it a try.

The main pattern looks like a fox's eyes so I name it - Fox Eyes Lace Scarf.As for the edges,several edge patterns have been tried but only this one matches the main pattern well.So you can see the finial combination from the pic.Now I've done 6 repeats (the pic is only 3 repeats done) and will keep on doing it.Hope my pal is gonna like it.


Friday, September 28, 2007

Lace Scarf

Yarn: Tess' Designer Yarn color: Hibiscus
Pattern: TKA#21 Lace Scarf
Needle : Clover #5 24"circular
Length: 43"(after blocked)
Width: 7" (after blocked)
Duration: 3 weeks

I didn't used to wrap scarf in winter.However, last winter I got serious cough and saw many of my colleagues wearing scarves to keep their necks warm.I started to think this winter I might need a scarf,too.

Before I start to find a pattern, TKA#21 project is this lace scarf.I don't have to find a pattern myself. TKA do me a favor.How lucky I am! The lace yarn,Tess' Designer Yarns, I bought from the States is so fine. In Taiwan less lace yarns can be bought,not mention to hand-dyed lace yarns.I can't wait to try this new yarn.The colour is so gorgeous,but the lace yarn is easy to drop stitches and can't found wrong stitches easily. According to this experience,I don't think lace yarns are knitting-friendly

In Taiwan, winter is not so cold.A big ,thick scarf is not practical here.I prefer a light ,airy and soft small scarf to keep my neck warm ,and match my garments well.So I knitted 31 repeats , the length was only 43".It came out just what I need. Great!!

Being that the lace yarn is so fine, I knitted garter stitches for the hems and blocked it;however,the two side edges are still curled.Maybe next time I should try to knit with two strands . It might turn out better than one strand does.


Saturday, September 08, 2007

Pink Pullover

Yarn: 100% pink cotton 7 balls
Tool : addi#5 24" and Clover#3 16" circulars
Length: 18"
Sleef Length:17"
Duration: about 2 monthes

This pullover is my knitting homework.(I learn knitting in my LYS). Actually, I didn't like this pattern much because it looks a bit old style ,but my knitting teacher insisted taht I must learn to knit this pattern.Well, she is the boss.

This time I had to knit sleeves so I decided to kint it for my daughter, which will cost me less money and take me less time to finish .However,thing is not as what I think.After counting the stitches, I was wrong.It is a middle size children garment instead of a small size one.Finally,it took me around 2 monthes and used up 7 balls to get it done.

I forgot teacher's reminding.She said for children under 10 years old.It must make button holes in the neck hem for children features big head but small body.So I ripped the neck hem out and made two button holes.

It is autumn now.When we go outsied in the night,this pullover is very suitable for keeping my daughter warm but hot.