Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Recent Knitting

This is a deep blue sweater I knit for a friend. It is also my NAC knitting homework. In Taiwan, specially in southern Taiwan, even in winter, the weather is not so cold so usually we don't have many chances to wear sweater. I have a friend who lives in Seattle USA. When my knitting teacher assigned this garment to be our homework, he is the first one that I think I could knit for.

This sweater was circle knitted under chest part,namely, under chest part, front and back pieces are circle knitting.Then knit back and front pieces separately from chest part ,and sew shoulder and then pick up stitches for sleeves.
It looks and sounds hard but after knitting it, I am wrong! It is easy and fun to knit. After some raws,I can easily memorize the pattern, just followed the established pattern. Easy!

Now I am sure that I can finish it in one month . That would be in the end of Nov.

This is 100% cashmere yarn.One ball costs NT$880 (about US$30) and only 20g,80yards. Cashmere is known for it high quailty, soft and warm. But it is pricy. I never ever think to knit with cashmere yarn. But I bought this 3 balls cashmere and knitted it, not for me but for my colleagues's wife.

Two days ago, one of my male colleague came to ask me whether I could knit a scarf for his wife as a gift. I said" No problem". Than he paid me NT$3000(about US $100) before hand to knit the scarf . I was a bit shocked by such huge amount of money just for a scarf. So I decided to knit a cashmere scarf for his wife.
There are many scarf patterns, lace and cable, came up in my mind. However,lace should be blocked every time after washed . Cable usually use much yarn and cashmere is so pricy.Finally I decied to knit moss stitch. It is easy to knit ,won't use too much yarn and no need to block.

I don't follow any pattern,just try to design my own pattern and might wirte up it later if I have time.So far,4 inches length has done. I made the end sharp, the way like we cut the end of ribbon sharp because all moss stitch would look monotonous. I want it to be a bit different. Hopefully, it will turn out the way I desire.