Saturday, August 18, 2007

My little nephew

My younger sister has born a baby last week.Since it was always rainy last week ,I didn't have a chance to see my little nephew.Today I couldn't wait and decided to see him though typhoon is coming today.

He sleeps peacefully.I haven't seen and touch kids this little for long time .My little nephew reminds me of the time my kids were little and brings me back to the bittersweet baby-caring memories.For me ,those days were long time ago,but my sister's is going to begin.
He is so lovely and adorable.


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Monica's Birthday

Today is Father's day and also my DD's seven-year-old birthday,so every year we buy one cake to celebrate Father's day and my DD's birthday . My daughter,Monica,have been very happy since she woke up this morning and tells everyone she meets that today is her birthday.It seems she totally forget today is also her dearest father's day.
We bought a cake,small yet cute.Her father gives her 6 story books as birthday gift.I knitted the Illusions scarf for her.She is very happy tonight.


Friday, August 03, 2007

光影魔術手 nEO iMAGING

Today I download 光影魔術手 nEO iMAGING ,a photo-modified software and can't wait to try the new techniques.Most functions of this new software are the same as Photoimpact but the biggest advantage of it is that you can make a frame for you pics. Not only can you choose frames from the software but also you can download your favorable frames from the net.Also you can compile several pics together on one pic and write words in the pics.This night I play this photo-modified software with kids.Both of them are interested and have their opinions to compile their own pics.