Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hats and Scarf

Yarn: light purple wool 2 balls
Needles : addi circular #10 (for hat) DPN #5 and Clover crochet#5 (for flower)
Patterb: from my Knitting teacher
Duration: 2 days

In Taiwan we don't have many chances to wear hats except cold days. When the first time I saw this hat, I was so impressed by it and decided to knit it.
This hat is very easy to knit as you can see it just have " knit and purl" for the hat, but the flower is a bit of work. It has to be finished by using the crochet and circular and at last the furry ball.
It is a bit work but turn out a beautiful flower !

Yarn: Black wool Scarf 3.5 balls Hat 2 balls
Needle: addi#8 for edge, addi #10 main part
Pattern: Japanese patter
Duration: 4 weeks

This hat and scarf is for my Seattle friend.I usually don't knit black yarn because it is hard to find wrong stitches. So I never ever knit black. When I asked him what colour he liked,he replied" black".I............wondered why he picked BLACK ..............
Since he likes black, I find this easy pattern to knit. Because it is easy , finding the wrong stitches will be easier.

In Taiwan, if I want to gift my friends scarfs or hats, they usually said" no, thank you. it was hot in Taiwan. We didn't need scarfs or hats." But this Seattle friend said" ohh.. I needed your scarf. In Seattle ,winter was usually cold. Even at home ,I wrapped scarf ,too" His words really inspired me.He needs my scarf and hat. I was happy to knit them and done it quicker than other FO

Saturday, January 19, 2008


This is my father's colour knitting vest.

This is a crocheted work. This shawl can wrape in many differemt ways.I like it very much.

This scarf is for my ISE#5 exchange pal Marti and I am very happy Marti likes it.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Receiving My ISE#5 Scarf

I received my ISE#5 scarf yesterday. Since my original exchange pal suffered sever snowstorm in the States several weeks ago, she couldn't finish my scarf. So my lovely angel,Marilyn , flies to me!! Thanks for Marilyn's beautiful knitting. Without her kindness, I will be very frustrated.

Marilyn knitted me an orange-red colored cotton scarf.It was about 100 cm( 34") after blocked . The length is just what I need. The color is my favorite. Marilyn has done an amazing job for me!!

Marilyn also sent me a hand cream, a chocolate, two colour knitting books, one same orange-red colored cotton yarn and this Purple hand-dyed yarn( I think it is a socks yarn). The chocolate is for my children. I love this purple yarn VERY much.Still have no idea what to knit, but I am sure when I find a really good pattern, I am going to knit it.

Big thank for you Marilyn!!