Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Flower Magnets

Yarn: stash yarns

Tool: Clover hooks

Pattern: My own

Last April I went to Seattle to visit my friends. In his garden there are pink and yellow tulips,and daffodils. In Taiwan, tulips and daffodils are not popular and are small. I never see tulips from birdview so I took several close-up photos of tulips from birdview.

My American friend will go back to Seattle at July and will layover in Taiwan for 10 hours. I will go meet him and give him these tulips and daffodils magnets (copy from his tulips and daffodils in his garden)to thank his kindness while I stayed in the States.
It is fun to crochet flower magnets. After finishing the tulip and daffodil magnets, I am addicted to make flower magnets so I also crochet a pompon,rose and sun flowers. It is really fun and interesting to make them.
Just stick a magnet in the finished flower. It is done. So easy and so much fun!!

A close-up photo of all flower magnets in my refrigerator.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Monica as a flower girl

Before the wedding, I help Monica to dress up

She is like a little princess

Monica and I

In front of groom's house before we headed to the bride's house

Monia and the bride