Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Yarn: Artyarn hand-painted 100% merino
Pattern: Illusions by Black Dog Knits
Needle: Clover#8 16"circular
Length: 40"(after bloking)
Width: 5"(after blocking)

Yarn:100% Brown wool
Pattern:Illusions by Black Dog Knits
Needles: Clover#6 16"circular
length:40"(after blocking)
Width:4"(after blocking)

I knit this two Illusions for my two kids as their birthday gift.They both were born on August.This pattern can be adjusted for one- row or several-rows pattern .For kids' small necks,I think one-row pattern is enough.It looks like cable but it isn't.It is easy and fun to knit .I've seen people using this pattern to knit a garment and it is gorgeous,too.But I don't think I will....that will be a big task...
My kids like this Illusions and are happy with their birthday gift(Children are easy to be pleased) . This winter they can wrap it.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Blue Cardigan

Yarn: Sky Blue Cotton 4 balls
Pattern: 2006 summer Keitodama
Tools:Addi#5 16" and 24" circulars
Lengh:16"(after blocking)
Width:20"(after blocking)
Duration:5 weeks

I've done this blue cardigan for a while.The pattern is from a Japanese knitting magazine ,2006 summer Keitodama .It was orinigal designed to be a pullover but a cardigan is more practical for me so I modified it to a cardigan.That's the way it turns out.
This cardigan is a top-down work but raglan.After kniting deisred width to fit my shoulders, I start to devide sleeves and body.This is something kind of like raglan but won't have the 4 obvious increasing-stitches lines showed on the garment .I think I like this way more than reglan.
There are eight- stared patterns around shoulders in original design but my gauge is different from it so after recounting stitches,I only have to knit six stars.
Except the top pattern,there are only stockinette stitches knitted to body.It didn't take me much time and yarn to finish it since I prefer the length around my waist.
I also bead the hem.It is my first time trying to bead and is not fun at all because tedious beading takes me much time and slows down my speed.
It is done and looks good on me.Though the process is a bit tedious , the way it turns out is great.


Thursday, July 05, 2007

My English Class

Working for a school,I am only on duty in the morning and have every afternoon off during summer vacation.So what am I going to spend my off-duty summer afternoon?Of course,learning English!!

Every day I have different English teachers.This teacher in the pic named Jay comes at Thrusday class. Coincidentally he is my knitting friend,Susan's husband .They also live very close to me.It's so surprising that he is my teacher.Jay is a Dutch.Susan and he originally met on net and then Jay flew to Taiwan, fell in love with her,and they got married.How romantic ,isn't it?But they might go back to Holland in Auguest or September to keep on Jay's university studying.

This pencial case was made from different color zippers by Susan.It's very unique.I've ever seen people using this kind of pencial case and has been impressed by it then.

Susan made and sold them for helping stray dogs and will donate part of money for shelters.She and Jay love dogs very much.They both often volunteer to wash ,feed and take care of dogs in shelter.I bought one for myself and hope more stray dogs can be helped and cared.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My DD's First English Class

My daughter is gonna be second grade in elementary school after this summer vacation.In Taiwan most elementary schools start English class from the third grade.Therefore,I decide to let her learn English in cram school a year before school's.

Yesterday it was the first starting and it is just a try-out, which means students can regret if they don't like the teacher, classroom, or study atmosphere ,and etc.

The teacher is short yet lovely.She just taught" Good morning","Good afternoon","Good evening", "Good night" and then played some games.My DD seemed to like her and promised me she would attend this English class again. Though it is just an beginning and will be more pressure ahead of her in the future,anyway I am glad she likes her first English class.


Sunday, July 01, 2007

[SAM3-July]Alpaca Cable Socks

Yarn:Cascade Yarns(98.3%Cotton 1.7%Elastic)186yds 50g/ball
Needles:Clover #3(3mm)16" & 24"(40cm & 60cm)
Pattern:Alpaca Cable Socks by Black Dog KnitKnitters always think socks are easy and quick to finish.Yes,indeed.compared to garments.However,they still took me much time to knit.
I manage to knit it for SAM3 in June but it is not in time. So it will be early July socks for SAM3.
Since Taiwan is in tropical area,my DH is not interested in any wool projects.That's why I seldom knit garments for him.It seems only socks are practical for him.So I decide to knit him a pair of socks using cotton sock yarns.
I like this Alpaca Cable Socks very much,which was designed by Block Dog Knit.It is simple to knit .Besides one left/right cable in left/right side of two socks,there are only stockinette stitches knitted.Quite easy yet unique. My DH likes it very much and asks me if I can knit him five more pair of socks ,which will be enough for weekly change.....Hmm..really a big task for me....