Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Purple Red Crochet Lace Cardigan

2009.7.16 crochet lace

This is my new finished small lace crochet cardigan, which was made from purple red color cotton. I modified much of the pattern, shortened the body length and change the hem design. This pattern is only two pineapple patterns in the shoulder part. For body part, only chains are crocheted. It looks easy and it is. That's why I chosed it. It only tooks me four nights to finish. For a crocheter,like me, doesn't have much time in knittng and crocheting. This pattern is undoubtedly a good choice!

2009.7.16 crochet lace

It is really my style. Lately I bought a stripe dress and needed a small cardigan to cover my thick shoulder and strong arm. This model is my colleauge, who is thiner than me so this samll cardigan looks a bit bigger on her but it fits me well.

2009.7.16 crochet lace

Today I put on it to my office. One of my colleagues likes it very much and asked me if I could crochet one for her.She would pay me.That really bothers me because I don't knit or crochet for money; it is just my habit. Finally, I said "sorry" to her.

2009.7.16. Crochet Lace

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Crochet Lace Garment Finished

This crochet lace garment is finished. I didn't spend much time on it. Crochet is never a problem for me. Since I was little, my mom taught me crochet. And I like it .

This work just needs two same crochet pieces connecting together and then it is done. I thought it was easy in the beginning.However, the pattern was drew a bit complicated. Sometimes I had to stop to check out the pattern , and I did ripe out several times

I like how it came out. It is really my type. In hot summer here, this crochet garment would be very useful for me.

Fun photos of my modle when snapshot.