Saturday, June 23, 2007


I saw this crocheted hearts in my LYS.It was so cute .I asked the LYS to teach me how to make it.It is really easy to crochet them.I just spent one night to finish the three hearts.
They are pretty to be hung in car ,door or window frame. Making it bigger is also a good idea for decorating X'mas tree.
It is very hot this weekend.We go to the mountain(a small mountain)and there is a small coffee shop .We have a cup of coffee and a nice afternoon break there.In the front of the coffee shop,there is a hanger so I can hang these hearts and photography them.
While DH is talking about coffee with the cafe owner,kids are playing in the garden,I am enjoying my knitting time.
This sky blue cardigan is the project I am knitting

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Receiving My ISE#4 Scarf

Today when I was back home,my neighbor gave me the parcel the postman delivered wrongly to her door the day before yesterday.It's from my ISE#4 secrect pal,Kelli.I am so excited and can't wait to open it.

Kelli sent me two skeins of 100% pure wool from Uraguay,variegated green and red colors.I am thinking to knit them a pair of hats for my DH and I or My DD and DS.Also there are one honey-almond lotion ,Dove chocolate,my kids love it, and one card inside.
The most important part is the scarf.It is my favorite variegated red.Kelli knitted it with Fleece Artist Conutry Mohair and the pattern is "Misty Garden"from Scarf Style.It is so gorgeous,lovely,and amazing.I really love it.My DH said it was really a great work.I wrapped it around my neck, showing off around my house to my DH,DD and DS again and again.Later my DH asked" weren't you hot??"
The scarf is about 9" width and 56" length,could using to be a shawl as well.And it does match Chinese cheongsam well.In this fall, I can wear this modified Chinese cheongsam with this scarf around my neck or arms .It'll be very feminine and sexy.
It is rainy these days in Taiwan but I can't wait till good weather.I am eager to photograph the pics , letting Kelli see her great craft looks nice on me!
Kelli ,I want to give you BIG thanks and hug. Thanks for the efforts you've put in this scarf.I am so lucky to have your gorgeous craft and the lovely goodies. THANK YOU!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ivory Bolero

Yarn: Rosy Cotton 4 1/5 balls
Needles: Clover #3 crochet hook
Pattern:Japanese pattern (Joey's knit along)
Duration:4 days

Since I like last rosy bolero very much,it is very practical for me in summer.I decided to crochet another one.But this one won't be totally the same as the last one,I thought.Thus the sleeves edging and bottom hem were made some modifications as the following pic.And two crocheted strings was replaced two buttons called for the pattern.Now that it looks a bit different from the rosy bolero.
After I finish this bolero,there are still many leftover yarns.Several days ago,in my LYS,I saw a sample of little purse.It looked very cute and was so impressive.Though making a purse never come up in my mind before,I would like to try and adverture it this time.
Crocheting the two ouside flowers is not hard but sewing the lining is difficult for me.I am always bad in sewing.This cotton cloth looks matching the yarn color well so I chose it.My LYS owner taught me how to do a good lining.I was like a kid learning a new thing ,and so afraid to be pricked but of course it did happen many times yet an unforgetable experience.

Having this amazing experience,I would like to make another little purses next time again .I just can't resist the cuteness(but just small ones,not big purses. sewing a lining took me more times of time than knitting outside pattern).