Wednesday, April 25, 2007

[SAM3-April] Seduction Socks

Yarn:Sockotta(45%Cotton 40%Superwash wool 15%Nylon)414yds 100g/ball
Needles:Clover #2(2.7mm)16" & 24"(40cm & 60cm)
pattern: Seduction Socks from IK spring 2007 free staff projects

I knit this Seduction Socks for SAM3.Just in time before the end of April.Actually,I've done one sock about two weeks ago,and then thought it would be a long time till the end of April.So I started other projecs during this period of time.Several days ago,after finishing my Spring Bolero,I thought it was time to knit up the other one . The socks yarn is fingering weight so I use Clover size 2 16" and 24" circulars.Although compared to garments,socks just mean "small stuff";however using size 2 needles did take me a while to finish.There are much yarn left after I was done it.Maybe using the leftovers knits my kids socks next time and hoep it will be enough for a pair of kid's socks.Now that I've knitted 4 pair of cuff-down socks,next time I might want to try a toe -up pattern.
I gonna knit Horcrux Sock with this yarn as my SAM3 May socks for my hubby

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Spring Bolero

Yarn: 100% Ivory Cotton 3 balls
Needles: Clover #4 crochet hook
Pattern:Margrate provides
Duration: 4.17~4.20.2007

This Spring Bolero has been very popular since last spring.It is a Japanese pattern.Its gorgeous ,feminine,and neat style cought my eyes soon then. Many knitting friends in Taiwan crochet it more than just one.Some even made three or four ones for themself or as a gift.
This spring I happen to see one of my knitting friends crocheting it for herself,which inspires me to work one for myself.She is very knid and generous, sharing the pattern with me

Most crocheted projects take less time to finish,and so does this Spring Bolero.I only spend three nights to get it done.So quickly!!compared to knitted projects!
I am so pleased with the result,really looks so feminine.But I prefer a bit shorter one,just fit my waist will be good.Next time I might try a smaller crochet hook and do it again.

Monday, April 16, 2007

[TKA#18]Kiri shawl

Yarn: SuperKid Purple (60% Superkid Mohair 40% Acrylic) 5 balls (25g/100m per ball)
All Tangled Up (TKA Project #18)
Needles: Clover #8 (4.5mm)circular for lace, Clover#10(5.1mm)for edging
Size: 57''wingspan x 35"center length after blocking

This is my first time knitting triangular shawl.In Taiwan,less people wear shawl so knitting shawl is not popular here.(That might be because the weather is hot and humid )However,as the more I see westerners' beautiful knitting shawl,the stronger motivation inspires me to try it.
Coincidentally,the 18th porject of TKA this month is All Tangled Up (Kiri shawl).I just can't wait to knit it.
This is an easy lace shawl.After several repeats,I could remember the pattern easily but ripping back lace was not fun at all so it still needed my undivided attention on it.
I planed to knit 12 repeats as the pattern called for,but as using up the 4th ball,I knew it was time to stop main part and started the edging with the last ball.It's the first time to use this blocking board and wire I bought online from the States.In Taiwan, less people use this two tools(coz we knit less lace)so almost no stores sell them here.
I used to use foam pads for blocking before . Foam pads are not pricy,easy to add or take away extra pieces to fit the project,and convenient to store .Though blocking board is quite useful , foam pads are another smart and money-saved choice.

Seeing this shawl enlarged gradually on my hands is so mysterious .The lace pattern is getting so neat after blocking.I love it!

Monday, April 09, 2007

[ISE#4] Off the needles

I was done my ISE#4 scarf a few days ago,just waiting for good weather to photograph it.I don't tend to finish it early(then I will have to wait a while longer sending it off to my pal) but there are several in progress projects on my hands so I'd better get this scarf done first.
I do like how it turns out.Especially after bloking,the lace pattern looks incredibly gorgeous,flat and clear,not curled again as I was knitting.I guess I've fallen in love with this scarf.
For lace scarf,I prefer knitting two halves and then graft them together.Thus the pattern will be all upside from either front or back looking.

I am hoping my pal will like this scarf.