Monday, February 26, 2007

Reading-in-Bed Shrug

pattern :IK Spring 2007 Reading-in-Bed Shrug (staff projects) TKA#16 project
yarn: pink cotton
Needles: 5.1mm circular needles
Width:13"(after blocking)
Length:23"(after blocking)

This shrug is 16th project of TKA.It is my favor stlye so I can't wait to knit it.The pattern is quite easy and won't took much time to finish it if everything is smooth.Unluckily,that's not me.Originally,I just used one strand and didn't knit swatch.When it went to 12 repeats(total 13.5 repeats),I tried it on.The result was too short and small for me.Ripping out seemed the only way to go.Well, lesson learned.Next time,can't be lazy again.

The second time,I knited with two strands and it matched the gauge well.In CO and BO 1x1 ribbing ends,pattern showed 7 rows but I preferred knitting 9 rows.In addition,I added 3 more Traveling Leaf Pattern in centre section(total 16 repeats in mine,but only 13.5 repeats in the pattern)

Beacuse still not receiving my blocking wire and board,all I can do was use straight thin double-point needles to replace blocking wire and soft plastic board to be blocking board. Stretching and pinning work was hard but also amazing couse the surprising lace patter was gonna turn out!!YA~it's really fabulous,isn't it?

The pattern showed to sew selvedges of both CO and BO ends in finishing.Than how can I block it next washing?Finally,I decided to sew two buttons on each sleef instead.

After blocked,it still a bit curled in both side.I didn't like that so I crocheted chains around the edge.It looked nice after all.I was thinking how about add 3 knit on both side(total add 6 stitches)as we usually did for scarf edge to prevent it from curled.Maybe I should try this next time.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Pink Cardigan Is Done

Finally,my pink cardigan is done.It really took much of my time and drove me crazy in proceeding.Though it was tedious,complicated and had been ripped out for many times,I finally made it.
When my knitting teacher said ,"the hardest, the prettiest",I felt like wanting to cry.....Since ripping out for many times,I've ever thought of giving it up but my knitting teacher won't let me did that.What I could do was be patient and re-kint it again.
The two front flower-patterned hems are the portions I like the most.Thought knitting this garment was not easy,it's worth my efforts cause it was gorgeous and elegant.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Pink Cardigan

I've been eyeing on this project for a period of time.I love it looks so feminine and can wear as cardigan or sweater(if you button the buttons).Moreover, the pattern changed to leaf (or flower) pattern in the edges of both front parts. This design makes the garment look not monotonous.That's also the main attraction to me!

After reading the pattern and intructions,it seemed not hard so I started to knit!!BUT....THAT'S NOT THE FACT!! Though it only apply ssk,sl k1 psso,and yo,it also have to make waist line.So I must pay much attention to decrease and increase sts and make sure the sts of each row right.Finally,I found out things was totally not what I imagined in the beginning...

Especially for the two front parts,that's the most complicated work.It combined with two different patterns and both of them had their own repeats that didn't match to each other's.So I had to knit two different patterns carefully and noticed when to decrease or increase sts for waist line ,arm hole and neckline. Without a clear brain,it is very easy to make mistakes and should re-knit it again.I did do this several times....poor me!!