Sunday, January 18, 2009

Blue Sweater

Yarn: Blue wool yarn 16 balls

Pattern: My own

Tool : addi#6 80cm,60cm,40cm addi#4 80cm

Length: 55cm

Width: 54cm

Sleef lengh: 57cm

This is a sweater for a friend of mine. It is also my NAC knitting homewok.While the first time I saw the pattern, it looked an uneasy project, many different patterns combining together. I felt a bit worry that I might not finish this complicated sweater before my friend comes to visit me on January . I started it at the beginning of last October so that I might could finish it in time.
This sweater was circle knitted under chest part,namely, under chest part, front and back pieces are circle knitting.Then knit back and front pieces separately from chest part ,and sew shoulder and then pick up stitches for sleeves.

It looks hard to knit but after knitting it, I am wrong! It is easy and fun to knit. After some raws,I can easily memorize the pattern, just followed the established pattern. Easy!
So now I am sure that I can finish it in time.

This sweater was just finished. I am so happy that this seemed never finished sweater finially to get off the needles.It is big and combines several different patterns and the colour is dark blue. That all makes the project tough for me.But now I am so happy and proud of myself. This project is really a challenge to myself (and also to my eyes!). It finally turns out so great. After finishing this sweater, I think I am a patient knitter now!