Saturday, March 24, 2007

[ISE#4] Decided to Change the Yarn

Though still not hearing from my "downstream"pal,I can't wait to knit her with my favorite yan and pattern.But things are not always what they seem.Beautiful yarn doesn't always match gorgeous pattern well. As you see,the hand -panited variegated colors interfere with the lace pattern.I just don't like the outcome.

It seems I must change either the yarn or the pattern now.How pity~. I wish they both could be suitable.After whole night thinking and frustrated,finally I decieded to substitute a new yarn for the variegated one.Really a hard decision for me.

My pal likes blue and purple colors so next day I went to LYS looking for her favorite colors.This one in the shelf caught my eyes immediately.It is bule but solid .Blending with light green, different color spots spread,and sky blue makes it look not so simplex.So my subsititute yarn is it!

After several rows,I was just very happy with how it came out.Obviously,it looks better than the previous one.Great,will keep going!!


Blogger Jan said...

I always like the way variegated yarn looks in a hank but rarely like how it looks knitted. I think you made the right choice changing to the blue. The pattern just pops!

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Rina said...

I just love solid color better for lace projects. It shows the texture and the pattern better than stripe yarn. So I would go ahead with the blue.

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Nora said...


11:22 PM  
Anonymous Donyale said...

lovely choice.

4:23 PM  
Blogger Lyndsey-Jane said...

I had the same problem last night - I thought I had the perfect yarn and perfect pattern but the variagated just didn't work with the lace so I frogged cast on with a solid and hey presto it looks soo much better. Sometimes the yarn just tells you what it wants to be (or not be).

9:56 AM  

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