Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lace Socks in Camelia

This is the first time. I try to knit socks. While getting my sock yarns,Just can't wait to knit them.I like this Lace Socks in Camelia very much,when the first time I saw it on web.

The sock yarns I bought was suitable for 3.3mm (US#4)needles and are cotton(98.3% cotton 1.7%elastic).For knitting lace socks, I think fingering weight yarns might be better.This sock yarns seemed good for sport socks, men's socks and kids' socks...... just not match my lace socks.... Next time,I surely will buy fingering weight sock yarns for myself.

The sock yarns store recommanded two balls for making a pair of socks so for each color,I bought two.But after finishing this pair of socks,it was only used up one ball and a little bit of another one.I doubt if my feet is too small or westerner's feet are bigger.I am the kind of person ,who like to test new things.It is hardly for me to knit the same yarns or patterns again. So what am I gonna do for the left one......?

I suddenly came up an idea how about to knit garment with these sock yarns.....It is a new idea to try nex time!!


Anonymous Nora said...

I love these! Well done.

11:46 AM  

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