Saturday, January 06, 2007


I knitted this top-down raglan cardigan for my daughter.It was the Dec Project #14 of TKA. I am a member of TKA, that is a Chinese Knitting group. This patter was easier than the previos raglan cardigan I'd knitted.This garment looks bigger from the pic but ,not really, it is small only about 13" width and 15" length.I worried it might be too samll for my daughter next year coz it was just fit now.

I prefer to let my daughter wearing this garment in spring and fall so I combined cotton yarn and mohaire to knit body partion and other yarn for collar and wrist ,which won't be too wram in spring and fall.

As it was not a hard pattern,I finised it only for one week .My daughter likes it very much especially the collar and wrist.It might be that I used mohair so it touched so soft and tender and made people want to wear it!!


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