Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My son's socks

Since I 've ever knitted socks before, I never try two circular working two socks at the same time.This way is so fresh to me.I'd like to try it!!

Learning this way by Straight-Laced socks,I didn't follow the pattern that did look complex for me,a beginner.Instead,I work with 1x1 ribbing for leg and foot, stockinette sts for the sole of the foot.That was easier for me.

After knitting several rows,it was not as what I thought originally.This way had to use two skeins with two needles knitting two socks at the same time.The biggest obstacle was I always had to keep two strands in order, otherwise,they would be a terrible mess.Moreover,it was so confusing to grab need#1 or needle#2;I often grabeded wrong needle.....These all made me slow down knitting speed,and spent me more time.So I might not use this way next time...

I managed to knit this socks for my daughter in the beginning,but they were too small for her after she tried on them(that was my fault....didn't measure her foot first).So my son could have them.They fitted his samll feet .

The color was designed to be opposite with each other,but I forgot to switch the color of toe.So they seemed not like a two different pairs of socks only just finised one of each ....


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I m learning to knit sock too.

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