Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crocheted Flowers

These are flowers that I crochet for my daughter. Only the big light pink one is for myself. My daughter and I have long hair so hair accessories are necessary for us. I'd like to use leftover yarn to make them become beautiful hair accessories. Though these are small objects, they are like my other big knitting or crochet objects that make me feel so happy to wear them. But my daughter seemed not to like them much. She only used them one or two times, then perserving them in the drawer.

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Catch up

It didn't take me much time to reknit the rib rim that I ripped out. Finally front and back pieces were done. Then it is time to sew them and finish the V neck and arm edges. It would be off the needles soon!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rip Out

I've finished the front and back pieces of this blue vest. But finally my teacher told me that I made a big mistake. I shouldn't start the rib rim with waste yarn.The real way is to cast on with waste yarn, knitting stockinette st. and then rip out waste yarn to knit rib rim. Even though my teacher tried to sew the wrong rib part, it still looked one stitch different and weird. So finally she said I'd better to cut the rib rim and knit it again. It seemed that I had no choice. She helped cut the rib part and I reknit it. Since it would be given to my best friend before Oct.5, there's not much time left. So I have to try my best to catch up where it was ripped out.

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

My Best Friend's Birthday Gift

This is just a samll part of my currently knitting work, a vest. It's for my best friend's birthday gift.Since wanting to give him a surprise, I won't show much of it now. After it is finished , I promise to let you see more and tell more about this vest.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hats are always not my favorite objects. Since Taiwan is not so cold, especially I live in the southern Taiwan; most time here is considered warm. So hats are not so useful for me. But I knitted several hats for myself and my children before, which just because the beautiful pattern caught my eyes, not because we did need them.

So does these two berets. I never wore berets before and honestly, I didn't even know how to wear it when the first time seeing the sample beret in my knitting teacher's house. Again not needing them , I just wanted to have a beret so I gave it a try.

According to the sample beret, It was made of knitting wool. It was my first time to see knitting wool , which was thicker than average yarn. So I had to use crochet hook #8 to make it.

The pattern was easy. It only took me an afternoon to finish the first one, which was the knitting wool. The next day, I thought to try my two leftover Nero yarn. They beautiful color might show well in this beret. And it did.

Last winter, I put on the Nero beret more often than the knitting wool one. They both are cozy , warm and gorgeous. But I like variegated one more.

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Marry Him!!

This is my daughter carrying a heart-shaped sign which says "Marry Him" in Chinese. The idea came from one of my male colleagues who wanted to propose to his girl friend. They have been dating for almost 6 years so he thinks it is time to propose to her now. In order to give her unforgettable and romantic memory, he plans to collect 99 snapshots of people who she knows carrying this "Marry Him" sign ,and then posts all these snapshots on a big heart- shaped board to propose. How romantic,isn't it?

My two children also know my colleague and his girl friend well since we've gone out with them to catch fishes, small shrimp and pick seaweed for several times. So my colleague also hope my two babies can help doing this. Definately, no problems.

This afternoon after school, I took them to a park nearby and was ready to snapshot them. In the beginning, they felt shy to carry the sign because many people exercised around. They asked" Mom, could we hide our faces?" I answered " absolutely, no" . They still felt uneasy so I had to say good words to them such as,if uncle marrys aunt successfully, you guys really do him a big favor. My son was still reluctant but my daughter got coorperated more. Finally I could snap some photos of them carrying the sign and post this three funny pictures to share with you.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Daughter's Crochet Vest

Girl's Crochet Vest

This is a crochet vest I made for my daughter. Except my knitting homework,I didn't have much time to do extra knitting or crocheting. Why I decided to crochet this vest? The reason is that the pattern looks easy and it really is. The original pattern is for an adult so I have to modify it for my 10-year-old daughter.

Girl's Crochet Vest

I spent about one week to finish it. First, crocheting four squares , connecting them together ( it would become a circle) and then keep on working same pattern till the length you prefer. No need to shape the armhole and neckline. When you put it on , the neckline and armhole will just turn up. It is easy.

Girl's Crochet Vest

It looks neat and gorgeous when just finished. However, after wore one month, it made pills. The fuzz balls can be easily seen in the vest. Though never expecting fuzz balls won't show up, I just don't expect them so quickly.

Girl's Crochet Vest

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Monday, March 29, 2010


One day I happened to see a blog that introduced how to make sweet kumquats.We, Taiwanese, think sweet kumquats pouring with hot water can cure coughing. In addition, drinking hot sweet kumquat tea can make your body warm in cold winter days.I knew that but never did it before. Last week, I happened to see that blog.The sweet yellow kumquat color caught not only my eyes but also my heart. So I made up my mind to give it a try.

Kumquats are abounded from Jan. to Mar. . So they are almost not seen in market now.Just right before giving up looking for them in the market, I spotted a fruit stand selling the cut little yellow things. It was as if founding pirates' treasure in the secret mountain.So thrilled!

I didn't buy many( about 600g) since it was the first try. Wash them, dry them with kitchen paper and cut four lines on each one that makes juice come out. Then Put them in the pot with sugar, maltose and some water( you can use wine ,too). Cook and stir them for 20 mins. It was done! You can preserve them in a clean and dry glass bottle for 2-3 months in the refrigerator.

See the cooked sweet kumquats pouring with hot water looks so yummy. I can't wait to sip its sweet yet a bit sour flavors!