Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Daughter's First Knitting

As a mom who likes knitting badly can hardly stand her only daughter can’t knit( well,at least she must know knit and purl). I design this simple pattern scarf for her summer vacation homework but she knitted one hour ,stopping one week so surely couldn’t finish her knitting homework during summer vacation.
Finally,it was off needles last week. I might be happier than her.After washing and blocking it,we are happy how it comes out though you can see the stitches are not even.
I never think my daughter is happy in knitting but while I try to suggest that next time she might could knit a hat. She urges me to find a hat pattern for her immediately, which surprises me!!Has she fallen in love with knitting yet? I hope so.



Blogger JL said...

Not bad for a first timer. Pls give her a pat. Nice work !!

12:58 AM  

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